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About Gadget Kiro

Gadget Kiro is the brand-new tech website in Nepal. The website focuses to provide optimal tech-related news, events, buyer’s guide for gadgets, device reviews, trending technologies, national and international startups, and much more tech information. Our main priority is to convey quality tech-news and keep our users updated with the trending technologies.  

We cover primarily the new gadgets and technologies launching in Nepal, such as mobiles, laptops, watches, earbuds, tablets, etc. The tech site informs you about their price, reviews, rumors, leaks, availability, and more.

Let’s Awaken the Tech Gadget Kiro inside You.

Gadget Kiro was established by two close friends who are crazy tech savvies. The tech site was launched in September 2021. The Gadget Kiro name was formed after joining the Gadget means “Electronic device” in English and Kiro, means “Crazy” or “Savvy”, (from Nepali Slang) or “Lord/Master” in Ancient Greek. So, Gadget Kiro means the Gadget Savvy (We) or Gadget Lord (You). With information we provide about Gadgets, you might become Gadget Lord. 

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If you want to know more or connect with GadgetKiro, don’t hesitate to Email us at info.gadgetkiro@gmail.com.

We will always welcome your suggestions and compliments. As this site is yours and we are here only for you.

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