Nepali Team “Wizzes With Vibes” Won PMPL SA S4 Finals

Esports culture is growing in the world. The numbers of players, investors, and organizations are growing and heavily involved in esports. One mobile game that has taken esports to a whole new level is PUBG. Today, PUBG Mobile Pro League South Asia Season 4 Final (PMPL SA S4 Finals ) has concluded and Wizzes With  Vibes won the final defeating 15 other teams from Nepal, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Mongolia.

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PMPL SA S4 Finals & Points Table

PMPL SA S4 had started from 15th October to 17th October playing 6 games each day. After playing a total of 18 games, the point table is formed and Wizzes With Vibes find themselves on the top with 187 points. It’s a close call as 2nd placed Deadeyes Guys got the same total points but behind Wizzes With  Vibes in terms of placement points. 


Prize Pool 

The prize pool of the tournament is a whopping $55,000 USD, which is spread among the teams and players. The winner of the tournament gets $10,000, the runner-up gets $6,500, and the second runner-up will get $5,000 respectively. So, the winning teams’ Wizzes With Vibes, Deadeyes Guys, and VIBES Esports got the prize money accordingly. Likewise, other teams will also get prize money as per their placement in the tournament.

The MVP of the tournament gets $1,000 separately which was won by TOP from Stalwart Esports but his team finishes 6th in the overall standing.

PositionTeamsPrize Won
1stWizzes With Vibes (WzV)$10,000
2ndDeadeyes Guys(DE)$6,500
3rdVibes Esports$5,000
4thDRS Gaming$4,000
5thi8 Esports$3,750
6thStatwart Esports$3,500

Wizzes With Vibes Overview

WzV has entered this tournament as the Champion of PMCO Nepal and now, they are the PMPL SA S4 Finals Champion as well. Playing PMPL for the first time and winning the trophy, a huge congratulations to the team and their hard work has paid off.

Coming as underdogs team in the tournament and winning it like a Fighter, this team has potential show more and more in the coming days. The tournament was full of experience teams like Deadeyes Guys, DRS Gaming, Zues Esports, Trained to Kill but still falls behind Wizzes With Vibes in the points table.

Wizzes With Vibes Roaster

  • RuLzSR
  • ReaperX
  • DeltaX
  • Malik
  • Rebel
  • Knightx

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What Next ?

Now the Top 6 teams are going for The PUBG Mobile Pro League – MENA and South Asia Championship. Wizzes with Vibes, Deadeyes Guys, VIBES Esports,  DRS GAMING,  i8 Esports, and  Stalwart Esports will play PUBG Mobile Pro League – MENA and South Asia Championship alongside other different teams. Astra Academy will play the tournament as PMPL SA Championship S1 Winner. Top 6 Teams from PMPL Arabia S2: Finals will also join the tournament. Likewise, the Top 2 Teams from PMCO 2021 Fall: Hongkong Taiwan Macau and the winner of the PMCO 2021 Fall: Africa will also participate in the tournament. A total of 16 teams will play in the PUBG Mobile Pro League – MENA and South Asia Championship. The prize pool is not yet decided for the tournament.

Road to PMGC S1 (PUBGM Global Championship Season 1)

Last year when PMGC S0 had happened, two Nepali Teams ASL and DRS had played and now, DRS is already confirmed and more will be confirmed from The PUBG Mobile Pro League – MENA and South Asia Championship. DRS Gaming is qualified for PMGC from total average points of PMPL SA S3 + PMPL SA S4.


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