Is Your NTC and NCELL SIM Registered to You? Find How & Why to Change it

These days, everyone owns a smartphone. Due to the recent pandemic & Lockdown, this usage increased exponentially as work from home and study from home happens. With personal smartphones, we need our own SIM cards. Earlier, we use to issue SIM cards from random person’s Government ID cards but now the time has changed, new rules have been made and we must own a Ncell, NTC SIM card registered to our own name. 

Nepal Telecommunication Authority (NTA) Rules

According to NTA ( Nepal Telecommunication Authority), now it’s compulsory to have a SIM card under the user’s name. NTA has announced that Mobile Device Management System (MDMS) in Nepal will soon start operating and after this, only legally arrived smartphones can be used in the country and owners must use a SIM card registered under their name. 

Nagarik Application

Furthermore, Nepal Government has launched Nagarik App for smartphones from which various governmental documents can be issued and saved PAN, Police Clearance Report, Health Insurance Board, Passport, Voter Card, and many more. Now, to login into this app, we have to register with our SIM card and if your SIM Card is under your name, all your documents can be accessed via this App. 

A large number of people use SIM cards issued by another person as it was difficult to get SIM cards a few years ago. The majority of these people are using either Ncell or NTC SIM cards. As we have learned, it’s compulsory and we will be facing various problems, time to register our own name in SIM cards or issue a new SIM card with our own government ID. 

How to Check if your NTC or Ncell is registered to You?

Checking ownership of SIM cards is super easy and you just have to dial specific codes in your keypad to confirm. 

For NTC:

  • Dial *922# and it will show the Registered name. 

For Ncell:

  • Dial *9966# to know the information on the Registered name. 

How to change the name if you are not registered to the SIM?

It’s also easy but you have to visit any nearest Customer Service Center of your respective SIM company and apply for the SIM ownership change. 

For Ncell:

  1. Visit nearest Ncell Center.
  2. Request for the SIM Ownership Change
  3. Submit your Citizenship/Passport ID and also submit the Identity of the person under which your Ncell SIM card is registered.
  4. Now, your SIM card will be registered under your name.

If you dont have access to the identity of the person under which your SIM card is registered, you have to use another method. If you have been using that Ncell SIM for a long time, you need to submit 30 incoming calls numbers and 30 outgoing calls numbers within one month and Ncell Staff will help you to change the name. 

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If you want to change the registered name in your NTC SIM to your name, follow these steps

  1. Visit nearest NTC Office.
  2. Ask for SIM Ownership Name Change
  3. Submit your Citizenship/Passport/License ID as well as submit the Identity of the person under which your NTC SIM card is registered.
  4. Now, your SIM card will be registered under your name.

If you are still in confusing, you can drop your issue in the comment section down below or message us on our Facebook Page. We are here to help you and make your SIM 100% yours.


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