Xiaomi Starts HyperOS 2.0 Testing

The XiaomiTime team has released new material indicating that Xiaomi has formally begun testing HyperOS 2.0. Although there have been hints regarding HyperOS 2.0 for a few weeks, it is now official that testing is underway. October is when this new version is anticipated to be formally unveiled. We will delve more into Xiaomi HyperOS 2.0 and its upcoming features in this article.

Hyper OS 2.0 

Xiaomi has expedited the HyperOS 2.0 development process. On the Xiaomi OTA server, a new extension with the name [OSBigversion] was discovered. This addon facilitates the identification of various HyperOS versions. For instance, it will display [OSBigversion] => 1.0 if you are running HyperOS 1.0 and [OSBigversion] => 2.0 if you are running HyperOS 2.0.

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For MIUI versions in the past, Xiaomi used the [Bigversion] extension; for example, MIUI 14 would display as [bigversion] => 14. These days, [OSBigversion] is used to distinguish between different HyperOS versions. This guarantees the safe arrival of fresh HyperOS updates on your device. 

HyperOS builds are numbered starting with V816, which corresponds to the initial release date of MIUI, which was 16.8.2010. It was a rebranded MIUI 15, as evidenced by the build number V15, which was present before HyperOS 1.0 was made public. In contrast to certain rumors, HyperOS is merely an upgraded version of MIUI rather than a brand-new operating system.

After a significant launch, Xiaomi typically rolls out updates that include a new user interface. We now have to wait a while for HyperOS 2.0 to arrive. In October, HyperOS 2.0 is anticipated to be unveiled alongside the Xiaomi 15 series.

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