A Closer look at Android 12 Go edition | Improvements & New Features

After the official release of the Android 12 stable version, Google has announced the Android 12 GO Edition. This Go Edition will be used in upcoming budget-friendly smartphones. It’s basically Android 12 but some of the heavy features will be cut to make it smooth for low-powered smartphones. In this article, we explore the new features, improvements of Android 12 Go Edition. 

Android 12 Go Edition Overview

Million of low-powered smartphones use Android 11 GO Editon and Google wants to improve the last version with Android 12 Go Edition. From new UI to more privacy features, Android 12 GO Edition brings stunning look and powerful features to budget-friendly mobiles. 

Let’s have a closer look at the Android 12 Go Edition that will power smartphones in 2022. 

Faster App Launches

Google has worked to improve the speed of app opening in this Go Edition. With this update, apps will open 30% faster than the previous version. The animation during the app opening is now smooth and won’t stop on a blank screen. Furthermore, Google has set up SplashScreen API so that developers can provide a smooth experience to the apps.

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Longer battery life & Storage

According to Google, Battery life in Android 12 Go Edition will be extended, thanks to hibernating apps that haven’t been used for extended periods of time. Also, the updated Files Go app will help to recover files within 30days so we can delete any unnecessary files to free up the storage in the device. 

Convenient App sharing

Now, it is a lot easier to get files or any media from nearby devices using Nearby Share and Google Play in Android 12 Go Edition. SO, you dont need to download the app every time from Store which will save data as well. 

Improved Privacy

Just like in Android 12 powered Vivo OriginOS Ocean or Samsung One UI 4.0, Android 12 GO Edition also arrives with a separate Privacy Dashboard. With this app, you can view every interaction that apps make on your smartphone and find out if any apps can take sensitive data from the device. Also, there will be a nano notification indicator if any app access camera or microphone. 

AI for Translation

With the growing use of AI in smartphones, Android 12 Go Edition also brings it to make low-powered smartphones more intelligent. Observing the content on the screen, we’ll get the option to listen to news or language translation. 

So, Google has made a huge ump in terms of improvements in Android 12 Go Edition compared to its previous version. After its official announcement, we’ll start to see new budget smartphones arriving with this OS pre-installed in the coming days.


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