Vianet Mini Internet Pack Announced | 75Mbps At Rs. 800/mo

Providing high-speed internet at an affordable price is a new trend in the Nepali market among ISPs. Recently, WorldLink had launched a Worldlink 600Mbps internet in the Nepali market, and to tackle this speed, Classic Tech announce 1Gbps bandwidth internet. On the occasion of New Year 2022, Vianet has launched Vianet Mini Internet Pack with a speed of 75Mbps. 

Vianet Mini Internet Pack

Not everyone needs an internet speed of 600Mbps or 1Gbps as there are people who will be satisfied with 50/75/100Mbps bandwidth as well. This might be the idea of Vianet as they have launched a Mini Internet Pack of 75Mbps. This Vianet Mini Pack of 75Mbps will surely take on 120Mbps of CG NET

Payment For/SpeedVianet 75Mbps
1 MonthRs. 800
12 MonthsRs. 9600

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The speed of 75Mbps is valid for up to 450GB and then FUP (Fair Usage Policy) will be applicable and speed will fall as mentioned below. 

Data used per monthSpeed
Up to 450 GB75 Mbps
450 GB – 550 GB45 Mbps
550 GB – 600 GB45 Mbps
Above 600 GB5 Mbps Unlimited

Vianet with Ncell

Vianet has collab with Ncell to bring FREE Ncell SIM packed with various features. With this Vianet Internet Pack, customers will get free Ncell SIM which will have 4GB of data per month free. 

Vianet with Ncell Benefits/Monthly 
Vianet Data1GB Data for Vianet App
Voice (Ncell-Ncell)50 minutes
SMS (Ncell-Ncell)50
Call to Vianet Call Centre Ncell Number50 minutes

Affordable high-speed Internet plan that is suitable for households with low Internet usage.”, with this motto, Vianet has launched this 75Mbps internet in Nepal, What do you think about this speed and pricing? Let us know in the comment section down below. 


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