The Samsung Galaxy Buds 3 embraces a stem design

Since its release in 2019, Samsung’s Galaxy Buds have been quite a popular option for wireless earphones. With the Galaxy Buds 3, now Samsung is making some changes. Unlike anything they’ve done previously, they’re unveiling a fresh design with stems letting go of the traditional spherical design. This post will go into deeper detail on the Samsung Galaxy Buds 3 design change and its implications.

Design changes:

During their Unpacked presentation, Samsung just debuted the Galaxy Buds 3, which now has a redesigned stem-style design. There has been a noticeable change from their typical spherical shape. This design can enhance microphone performance because the microphones are positioned closer to your mouth.


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Another leak from a recent purchase by Redditor Plastic_Development1 has purchased the unreleased Galaxy Buds 3 and tips off by showcasing the earbuds. The earbuds consist of a stem design and the case has a transparent lid as revealed through the leaked pictures.

In the Reddit post, he continues to state the price of the earbuds, he states to purchase the earbuds at 250$ which is 20$ more than the previous Galaxy earbuds 2. The pricing is also the same as the AirPods. There are active rumors that the earbuds will have an ANC feature hopefully. Now all we can do is wait for some official confirmations through Samsung.

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