Where to Buy iPhones in Nepal? Apple Authorized Seller & Service Center in Nepal

There are two types of people: one who buys an iPhone and uses it for 4-5 years or one who buys Android smartphones and changes it regularly once in a year. Apple iPhones or any other Apple products are expensive but they are of quality and can be used for a long time. We can’t buy iPhones or Apple Products directly from the Apple Website in Nepal so we have to search for an Authorized Reseller for it. If you have the same question as “ Where to buy iPhones in Nepal” or “ Where to find Apple Authorized Resellers in Nepal”, then you have come to the right place as we have listed all of them with contact details and addresses.

Apple iPhones are available in Nepal but yes, in booth channels: Authorized distributors or Grey market. Buying from the grey market is cheap but there is no guarantee that the products are genuine and you wont get any VAT bills buying from them. Buying iPhones from Authorized Distributors is a bit expensive but you will get genuine products as well as various services. 

Why to Buy iPhones in Nepal via Authorized Distributors?

If you are buying iPhones or Apple products in Nepal, make sure you get the genuine product. As we all know, Apple products are expensive and you just can’t throw your hard earned money buying iPhones from random resellers. The benefits of buying iPhones or any other Apple Products from Authorized Distributors are discussed below. 

  • VAT Bills: While buying an iPhone in Nepal from Authorized distributors, you will get VAT Bills. This has two advantages: one is you are buying a genuine product and another is that a certain portion of your payment goes to the government.
  • IMEI Registered: iPhones or Apple Products you bought from Authorized Distributors in Nepal are already registered in Nepal Telecommunication Authority (NTA). As the iPhones you purchase from the reseller have been registered IMEI in NTA, it will be helpful in case you lost your device or its stolen. It can be tracked with the help of NTA.
    Also, NTA has asked everyone to use an IMEI registered device in the country else your phone wont work after some time. So, it’s a win-win situation for you.
  • Warranty: Most of the Authorized Reseller in Nepal offers you certain warranty while buying iphones or other products. You will get one year of replacement warranty on factory defects while buying iPhones. But, this won’t apply if you have physical defects or water damages.
  • EMI: As we know, iPhones are way more expensive compared to other Android smartphones. We may want to buy Apple products but due to high pricing, we can’t afford to pay once. For this situation, Apple Authorized Distributors are ready to rescue you as they offer EMI services with the help of various banks and their credit cards. EMI Services are available for following banks in Nepal.
  • Global IME
  • Siddhartha
  • NIC Asia Bank
  • Himalayan Bank
  • MEGA Bank
  • NMB Bank
  • Kumari Bank
  • Century Bank
  • Machhapuchhre Bank
  • Nepal Investment Bank Ltd. (NIBL)
  • Citizens Bank Limited
  • Sunrise Bank
  • Sanima Bank
  • Laxmi Bank Limited

If you have credit card of above mentioned banks then you can buy iPhones or other Apple Products on EMI where you can buy iPhone/iPad on 12 Months plan nad 

MacBooks, iMacs on 18 – 24 Months plan. 

Apple Authorised Distributor in Nepal  

Generation Next Communications Pvt. Ltd. is the Sole Authorised Distributor for Apple in Nepal. All the Apple products like iPhones, iPad, Macs, Apple Accessories available in Nepal are distributed via this distributor to other Authorized Resellers. 

Apple Authorized Sellers in Nepal [Also Authorized Service Center]

Generation Next Communications Pvt. Ltd. is the distributor of Apple products in Nepal and it distributes the iPhones or other products to various Authorized Resellers which will sell them via online portal as well offline stores. Currently active and most famous two Authorized resellers of iPhones in Nepal are Oliz Store and Evo Store. 

Where to Buy iPhones in Nepal? [Summary]

Authorized Distributors/ ResellersContact DetailsWebsite 
Gnext Com.+9771 4220864/72https://gnextcom.com/
Oliz Store+977 9801021297, +977 9861060000https://www.olizstore.com/
Evo Store01-5454338, 01-5454339, 01-5454284, 01-5454285https://evostore.com.np/


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