Khalti Launches “Khalti ma 100GB Free WiFi” Campaign

Khalti, a popular online payment system in Nepal, used to bring various offers and campaigns time and again to attract customers and make them happy with the various gifts. Currently, the company’s “ Khalti ma iPhone 13” is still running and valid till January 14, 2022. Now, the company is back with another campaign, “ Khalti ma 100GB Free WiFi” in collaboration with WorldLink. 

Khalti ma 100GB Free WiFi

Khalti has launched 100GB of Free Wi-Fi for its users starting from January 11 and is valid till February 9, 2022. To make this happen, Khalti has partnered with WorldLink and free wifi will be provided at Worldlink Free Wifi. WorldLink has almost 11,000+ Wi-Fi hotspots and users can get 100GB of Free Wi-Fi for 30 days. To redeem, the user must be registered in the WorldLink Free Wi-Fi and activate the service via Khalti App.

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How to participate?

  1. Open Khalti App
  2. Go to Popular Services & Click on “Khalti ma 100GB”
  3. Tap on “WorldLink 100 GB Free WiFi” Option
  4. Select Get 100GB Free Wifi.
  5. Now, you are all set to enjoy 100GB of Free Wi-Fi. 

This is how you can get 100GB of Free Wi-Fi from WorldLink Free WiFi from Khalti App but there are certain terms and conditions for that.

Terms & Conditions

  1. Before the redeem from Khalti App, the user must register for Worldlink Free Wi-Fi.
  2. The registered Khalti ID(Mobile Number) and free Worldlink Wifi ID (Mobile Number) should be same. 
  3. This service is valid for one time only.
  4. After redemption, this will be valid for 30 days. 


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