Xiaomi Nepal Xchange Offer | Bring Purano Phone, Get New Xiaomi Mobile

Technology is evolving and gadgets/smartphones are upgrading day by day. Though you brought a new smartphone a month ago, it already lacks some of the features that are currently available in today’s smartphones. What should you do, buy a new smartphone? Nope, we have a solution for you currently available in the Nepali market. Xiaomi Nepal has started Xiaomi Exchange Offer in partnership with NayaPurano Shop which we’ll explain in the blog below. 

Xiaomi Exchange Offer

Nayapurano Shop is an online platform where you can sell or buy a smartphone. This company has now collab with Xiaomi Nepal and runs the “ Xiaomi Exchange Offer” where you can give your old smartphones, get a valuation, and get a new Xiaomi Phone by adding some cash. You can give your smartphone of any brand at any cost and in return, you’ll get brand-new Xiaomi or Redmi, or Poco smartphones. 

With this groundbreaking initiative, Xiaomi aims to make cutting-edge technology accessible to a wider audience while providing a seamless and cost-effective path for customers to join the Xiaomi ecosystem. By allowing customers to trade in their old smartphones, Xiaomi demonstrates its commitment to reducing electronic waste and promoting sustainability.

Xiaomi Exchange Offer

Commenting on the exchange offer, Amit Kumar Panda, the Country General Manager, of Xiaomi Nepal said, “We are excited to launch this unique exchange offer, which enables our valued customers to experience the exceptional quality and innovative features of our smartphones at even more affordable price. Meanwhile by offering an additional Rs.1000 off for the purchase of Redmi Note 12 5G*, we want to reward our customers for choosing Xiaomi and showcase our commitment to delivering exceptional value.


  1. Simply download Mobile App: “Nayapurano Exchange“, from either the Google Play Store or Apple App Store using the links provided below.
    Android Link

    iOS Link
  2. Once downloaded, visit the company’s nearest retailer to begin the process. The store manager will provide you with a QR code to initiate the diagnostics process.
    Check out the location of the stores in the post below.
  3. Once you get QR Code or Store Token from the store, you enter the information of your current smartphone. Now, you’ll get the valuation of your phone. 
  4. Trade-In your old smartphone and get a brand new Xiaomi, Redmi, or POCO smartphone. 
Xiaomi Xchange Offer Store Location: Kathmandu Valley

Terms and Conditions

  • Once the valuation of your phone is done, to get your desired smartphone, you have to add some cash.
  • You can bring any brand of phone but in return, you can choose from Xiaomi, Redmi, or Poco smartphones. 
  • Xiaomi’s exchange offer is available nationwide starting from 2nd June Customers are encouraged to take advantage of this remarkable opportunity and embrace the Xiaomi ecosystem by upgrading to a new smartphone.

Trending Xiaomi, Redmi, or Poco Smartphones in Nepal

Let us help you. Based on the valuation of your phone, while adding some cash, choose your new smartphone wisely. Here, we have listed some of the latest and trending smartphones in Nepal from the above-mentioned brands.


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